The Fine Print:


Screening is required if we haven't met yet. It is important for me to verify that you are a safe and respectful person to spend time with, and I can assure you that your privacy is respected. Please prepare:


  • Employment verification via linkedin or company website

  • Identity verification of a photo of you holding your ID

  • A reference from an established, independent entertainer who you've recently seen

Thank you for your understanding and respect on this matter. 


Once you are pre-screened I require a minimum of 4 hours advance notice to accommodate your request if I happen to be available for a day-of appointment. Otherwise notice of 24 hours or more is greatly appreciated.

To reserve our date I require a small deposit. This goes to reserve my time and make sure that any expenses are covered in case you can't make it. The deposit is 20% for local dates and 50% for fly me to you, travel, or tour dates.

Once we get to that point, I will provide detailed instructions for the deposit in an email. 


The non-negotiable consideration is for my time and companionship only. This consideration, in full, must be discreetly presented to me in an unsealed envelope at the start of our date.


I aim to treat everyone with respect and, of course, expect the same in return. Be clean and well groomed as I will be,  I will provide access to a shower and some toiletries if we're at my place. 

Dates lasting longer than a couple of hours should include a meal, with a minimum of two meals per 24 hours. I require at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep during overnight bookings as well as 2 hours per day of personal time during multi day bookings.